Articles of Association Adopted March 6th 2004

Calabar High School provides transforming educational experiences that endow its students with uncommon ideals.
As historic evidence of this, the worldwide Calabar alumni community of servant-leaders has contributed ethical leadership, long-standing commitment to global concerns, and critical engagement with the whole human culture for more than 100 years.
The Calabar Alumni Association of New York (CAA) is formed to protect and preserve this heritage, to encourage the participation of others in this worthy cause, and to engage students and alumni in recognition of and pride in this heritage.
Member’s  signature hereto is  deemed his agreement, approval, and ratification.
mission statement: The Mission of The Calabar Alumni Association of New York is to foster cooperative support from all persons in assuring continuance of Calabar’s place among the world’s great public schools.

Purpose: CAA will undertake its purpose by:

Providing the primary resource in our area for
encouraging  and  assisting  Calabar  alumni,
and creating opportunities for alumni service
Establishing a mutually beneficial relationship
between Calabar and its alumni
Creating opportunities for Calabar values to
come alive in the private and public lives of
students and alumni
Advocating Calabar values in our community,
to Calabar’s honor and in its name
Our programs and efforts will be consistent with Calabar’s best interests and values, so that all persons, communities, and Calabar alumni associations can embrace and support them.